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HUP! devblog. 2019-11-09. Setting up the structure.

We’ve set the groundwork for our new game, HUP!

A lot of work yet to be done…but here’s what we did.


We used the Unity terrain to create this simple green land that the ball is jumping on.

Added plant assets from the asset store

The green land looked a little plain so we added some plants. It’s a lot of work to make 3-d assets, so we decided to just pay for them from the Unity Asset Store.

We got a mock rope object

For now we are just using a cube for the rope. It will be replaced later.


This took us awhile, but we added sounds like the sphere saying “hup!” when it jumps. Also, we recorded some background bird sounds; and made a background song using GarageBand. It’s a pretty simple song but will do for now. It even has a mistake in the song I think.


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