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Who is willing to help make your game? With no budget

It takes time to make games. It’s even harder to finish your game when you have a full-time job or if you’re in school still. Asking for help is the best solution to this, but who wants to help make a game without getting paid? At Molla Games, we’ve tried recruiting people for years and found three types of people who might be willing to help make your games!

High school students

Nowadays, high school students want more experience to showcase on their resume so that they have something that differentiates them from the other students when applying to University.

If you have a good relationship with your previous Computer Science teacher, you can contact them and see if anyone will be willing to volunteer developing your game. It’s a good trade-off: they gain valuable experience that they can showcase, and you get help making your games.

Frosch university students

Similarly to high school students, new university students want some experience to boost their resume when they apply to internships or co-op placements. We’ve had success posting in UTM, UofT, and Waterloo subreddits. Also, try searching for frosch facebook pages. In about a week, we had around 30 applicants!

The hobbyists

These people just love making games as a hobby. The best part is that they usually have a lot of experience with game development from making games in their spare time. However, we’ve run into these people on pure luck.


If your game-dev group is making profiteable money, you should pay out to all your developers. However, it becomes hard to find any help when you’re in the negatives like us. 😣. Hopefully, you got some valuable insight on who you can ask to help make your games without worrying about the money. Good luck!


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